Sunday, July 6

news item: Jesse Helms died Friday

Deep Thoughts:
  1. I wonder who His family will choose to be pallbearers? (see photo at right)
  2. It's a pity He (R-North Carolina) chose to die on the 4th of July; that will forever taint this holiday.

    I was amused at PZ's take on the timing: the fireworks will forever be a celebration of His death. Hmmm.
  3. I wonder if Fox "News" will cover the funeral live, with all the "reporters" wearing black armbands.


mbholland said...

You seem to forget that the KKK is how a lot of democrats got into politics to start with.

Ask the senator from West Virginia.

Gene said...

I knew that Bill Clinton was in the Arkansas Klan, but didn't know that Obama was in the Illinois Klan.

Learn something new everyday.