Sunday, December 11

the definition of "is"

A few months ago, I installed Microsoft AntiSpyware on one of my PCs, to compare its effectiveness with other spyware-detection/prevention stuff. I have yet to be impressed.

Today, I ran Spybot on this computer (used mainly to read email); it found tracking cookies from 10 companies on this PC "protected realtime by Microsoft AntiSpyware":; Avenue A, Inc.; BFast; CoreMetrics; DoubleClick; FastClick; HitBox; MediaPlex; ValueClick; and WebTrends Live.
I have a hard time believing that Microsoft is serious about spyware prevention, give this miserable experience. Granted, this wasn't written in-house; they acquired a company called "GIANT" (the process name is gcasServ - Giant Company Anti Spyware). You may recognize several of the cookies detected -- they're from infamous/notorious spyware purveyors that the whole world - including Microsoft - knows about. Then again, maybe Microsoft is defining "spyware" differently than the rest of the world ... or perhaps Bill Clinton (who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "is") -- is consulting for them.

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