Thursday, December 1

Firefox: upgrade complete

After hearing good things about it, I installed the Firefox 1.5 browser last night. It's not like I had trouble with Firefox 1.0.7 .. just some web pages that had to load on Microsoft's Internet Exploder (FEMA application forms, etc.) and I thought this may lessen my dependence on that relic. I was also curious to see if the Shiny New Relationship with Google was wearing off on the (historic) Netscape programmers.

A cursory test showed that Firefox 1.5 ran, so .. I moseyed away for the night. Today, I began to use it for everyday use, and quickly noticed some problems: no elevator bar for scrolling, and the Tools/Options window was malformed and useless. Argh!

I thought: perhaps a reinstall will fix things (I didn't recall any installation error messages) so I tried that: no change. Then, a light bulb (incandescent) came on as I remembered that I was using a special Mozilla Theme (Noia Extreme) and that the old version wasn't compatible with the new browser. Bingo! I somehow found the Tools/Themes menu and upgraded the Theme; now, all is well with the world.

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