Monday, December 5

holding out for the harmonica

Some things are more perishable than others. Meats & vegetables are obvious candidates for Science Experiments, if they're not consumed In Time. Also: airline seats .. once the plane pushes back from the Jetway®, it's hard to sell the empty seats. Airlines are big believers in Yield Management so they know to hold some seats for the last-minute business traveler who will pay Top Dollar to get on a given flight. Those of us who plan ahead can often get the same seat for a fraction of the cost.

Such is the case with calendars. Every day since Halloween, I've received an email from a calendar printer (who shall remain nameless) saying that I'd better order now. The next day, they're offering the same calendar (which probably costs them $2 each to produce) for 15% off .. now only $18.99 each! Eventually (February 15th?) they'll be selling them for 85% off and offering free shipping, I bet. If I hold out long enough, they're sure to throw in a free harmonica!

I've already received enough free calendars (non-profit organizations and my insurance company) so as not to have to buy any this year, although I may be forgoing Gorgeous Geeks or a similar piece of Inspirational 21st Century Artwork without coughing up the $$. There are a LOT of calendars that just aren't my cup-of-tea .. I suppose they make a Fashion Statement all year, so they're an even worse gift than men's neckties!

There's always the chance that the item I want may sell out early, never to be published/manufactured again. Ah, the risks we take in life!

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