Monday, December 26

reading, writing and .. aw, who cares?

The National Center for Education Statistics recently conducted a study, the results of which show that only 31% of college graduates are proficient in reading comprehension. Apparently the study involved reading a complex book, and being able to extrapolate from it.
For those of you who can't do math, either .. this means that 69% of college graduates are not proficient in reading comprehension.
At last .. something which explains how President Quagmire could have been re-elected in 2004.

We must stop these (illiterate) college graduates from voting in future elections.

Unrelated: environmentalist Kristi Chester Vance of San Francisco is alleged to have said
"Allow me to put in a plug for Hanukkah, which celebrates the miracle of a little bit of oil lasting eight days ... You've got to love a holiday that's all about energy efficiency." (San Francisco Chronicle)
Merry Hanukkah/Chanukah, if that's your cup of eggnog.