Sunday, September 3

The Deli News Conspiracy

HayJax and I fed at Deli News Too this morning. It's a self-proclaimed "New York style deli" which is about as authentic as you can get in Dallas, now that Gilbert's went under.

I've been generally happy with Deli News, except for the hash browns. Call me mistaken, but aren't real hash browns supposed to be thinly chopped potatoes? The ones Deli News serves are more like their usual sliced (1/16? 1/8?) potatoes .. nothing special. Otherwise, they do try hard to please .. special orders seem to be the norm here, and the kitchen staff does a credible job.

I was mildly surprised how busy they were on a Sunday morning, smack dab in the middle of Labor Day weekend. Several of the usuals were there, along with several families with small children (what a disturbing trend!). Jill-Bob would hate the place for additional reasons: no cheese fries anywhere on the menu, and no beer.

Once, I asked why it's not named Deli News Also instead of Deli News Too, and didn't get a satisfactory answer. I smell a conspiracy. And it doesn't smell anything like real hash browns.

Speaking of The Saucer Crowd, only Tim, HayJax and I made it to Fish on Fire this past Friday. It's been open for several years and usually has a full parking lot, so a couple of us decided to give it a go. I had the [Wild-Caught Salmon Burger] which wasn't bad, although something other than French Fries would've been nice. It's casual .. reminds me of The Flying Fish in Addison a bit, except .. Fish on Fire kept the prior tenant's drive-thru window. It's the only seafood restaurant I know with such a feature*.
*Long John Silver's doesn't qualify; their "food" is mostly deep-fried breading with a little bit of fish/clams/chicken buried somewhere in the middle.
Meanwhile, there's this insignificant news item.

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