Friday, September 8


I caught a piece on one of the national news feeds saying that Fantasy Football was good for office morale, "only" requires an hour a day to participate, and that employers should encourage this behavior.

Well, excuse me, but I always thought the workplace was for work and not chewing up company bandwidth (and stockholder profits) on this - or any other Total Waste Of Time (TWOT). Then again, I find the vast majority of workplace conversations to be TWOTs. People seem okay on spending hours talking about their:
  • latest real estate/automobile/home appliance purchase
  • sports of any kind
  • poor child being misunderstood when he ran a red light and got an automated ticket
  • you name it -- absolutely zero talk about working with customers.
It must just be me; I don't get it. Sure, these conversations shouldn't be banned, but should be the exception, rather than the rule. If employers only paid for actual work performed, I suspect the 8-hour day would drop to less than two, easily.

Today's the day that Rambo goes back to his home. Here's a photo of him in his new diaper.

Unrelated: Paula and I dined with Jill-Bob at the Bavarian Grill last night (the lamb und Brussel Sprouts were tasty).

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