Friday, September 29

poll extension

I read about the security guards that were stationed at the Highland Park United Methodist Church (President Puppet's "home church in Dallas") when Garrison Keillor came to town Wednesday night. For those not from here, you should know that Highland Park is a whites-only (well, okay .. 99%) city surrounded by Dallas, and filled with some of the most caustic Republicans alive. Actually, they'd prefer it be named White Settlement, if that city name weren't already taken.

So, it didn't surprise me that Keillor was ordered not to even mention the name of his latest book (Homegrown Democrat), lest he offend those in attendance.
Dallas County Precinct 1226 (Highland Park)

87% voted for Bush in 2000
76% voted for Bush in 2004
Speaking of polls .. a recent Zogby poll revealed this of Americans:
73% can name all Three Stooges (Manny, Moe and Jack)
60% can name Superman's home planet (Krypton)
42% can name our three branches of government (Big, Bigger, Biggest)
37% can name which planet is closest to our own sun (Ecuador)
if they'd polled Highland Parkers separately, they'd have found:
83% know Terrell Owens' jersey number
64% know in their "heart of hearts" George W. Bush is the Second Coming of the Messiah
.. and to think Texans are widely thought to be Big Haired, Football Lovin', Corndog Eatin' Morons.

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William Bob said...

The State Fair opened on Friday and, as required by law, we're all eatin' corndogs. So it's really not fair to use "corndog eatin'" in a pejorative way.