Wednesday, September 13

the PA filter

Several of the (too many) mailing lists I'm on arrives via digest. When a certain amount of time has passed, or a certain number of articles have arrived, I get an email with all the messages piled into one. Nothing new there; digests have been around for decades.

However, one of these digests has recently been infected with a Pompous Ass [PA]. About 50% of the traffic on this list is from His Pompousness. One of the things he loves to do is underscore words. Lots of them. A large percentage of every posting includes this annoyance. He's One Of Those People who lives solely to annoy the rest of us. His primary method is to belittle others, thinking that by doing so he is building himself up to be Larger Than Life. Finally, I've had enough.

Now, when I see his name in header-after-header, I've taken to deleting the entire digest rather than have to even look at any of his postings; this results in missing constructive comments from everyone else. As a result, I'm considering switching that list to Regular Delivery and then installing a filter to delete any message from the PA. I'll get a bit more email than before (multiple messages instead of a digest) but won't see any of the PA's traffic. It's a small price to pay.

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