Monday, May 26

Memorial Day 2008

I don't recall the Uniform Monday Holiday Act to be controversial; I had completed the fifth grade at the time, and still found "the news" to be tediously boring (I recall a black-and-white television with Huntley & Brinkley every evening).

With that in mind, I do remember when Memorial Day was celebrated on the fixed holiday of May 30, versus "the last Monday in May" as it is now. I've blogged about my father's military service before and don't have anything to add now, excepting his repeated mention that he served on a heavy cruiser during the war - maybe the USS Tuscaloosa - although I really don't recall. His photo collection includes quite a few from China.

Sadly, dad's grave is more than 850 miles away, so it's not easy to visit.

In reading the Wikipedia page re: the Uniform Holidays Bill, I remembered that Washington's birthday and Lincoln's birthday were celebrated separately (later, Lincoln's birthday disappeared and President's Day appeared, then Martin Luther King's birthday was added to our holiday mix). I suspect 9/11 will evolve into a mandatory holiday, although December 7 never did, so ...

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