Monday, May 12

what do China, Burma and New Orleans have in common?

Recent news items:
  1. 77,738+ dead in Myanmar (Cyclone Nargis, 3 May)
    ** see Irrawaddy for updates
  2. 51,000+ dead in China (Sichuan earthquake, 12 May)
  3. "only" 1,577 died in Louisiana (Hurricane Katrina)
Deep Thought: I wonder if both China and Myanmar were gonna have Really Big Gay Pride Parades?

The big question remains: How long will it be before (McCain's soulmate) John Hagee notices and rants accordingly? If only the Chinese shared Hagee's religion, this never would have happened, right?

Ref: 230,000+ died in Indonesia/Sri Lanka (26 Dec 2004 : "Boxing Day Tsunami"), triggered by a 9.3 earthquake

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