Saturday, May 17

fertilizing the grassroots

I hope the Democrats are preparing themselves for the aftermath of that awful (right wing) SCOTUS ruling about photo ID at the voting booth. Without so much as ONE instance of voter fraud, the SCOTUS decided to make sure that about 8% of poor people CANNOT vote. Most of us take for granted that we have both a photo ID and a place to secure it.

For the poor, this can be a major PITA, as they need to gather the original documents (birth certificate, etc); transportation to the issuing authority; and TIME to wait in line. Many of the poor don't have that luxury, and the Republican-controlled SCOTUS doesn't care; they're only here to serve their Republic Party masters and keep them in power as long as possible.

It appears that this disenfranchisement won't be attempted in Texas until next spring (the legislature only meets on odd years) but in this state, the Stupider The Legislashun The More Possibiler It'll Pass. Apparently there's no requirement that Texas legislators have even a grade school education (I suspect many of them are Home Schooled).

Until then, the Democrats would be wise to finance a Photo Identification Drive which will fund The Procedure outlined above. I'm not sure how many tens of thousands of Texans don't have a Photo ID but odds are they're not the Rich White Oil/Cattle Barons (read: Republic Party Financiers), who could care less if The Little People were ever allowed to vote.

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