Wednesday, May 7

stick a fork in it, Hillary

okay, the time has come. you've all been waiting on it. Hillary's been waiting on it. And now, the nation is waiting on it.

The time has come for me (Gene Bob) to demand that Hillary Clinton abandon her campaign, and go back to whatever it is she was doing before. The fact that she won the Indiana primary by only 2% (*) when she was expecting a blowout (two weeks ago), and the fact that she got bulldozed by 14% in North Carolina .. means that the bulk of the Democrats are finally on to her tactics.

Hillary .. it's Gene Bob. It's time to call it quits. Be a man and make the announcement today. Your presidency was never meant to be (despite Rush Limbaugh's adoration of you and your "devoted" husband).
"When you've lost Cronkite Gene Bob, you've lost America."
If you won't do it for me (hard as that may be to believe), do it for West Virginia.

(*) 12 May update: now, there's speculation that Obama might have won the Indiana primary, had it not been for the interference of the Republic Party (via their servants on the SCOTUS)

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