Monday, May 5

Clintonomics: effect on Indiana

Go ahead, Hoosiers .. vote for Hillary (and her summer gas tax holiday*). By the way, as a result, 6000 of you (construction workers) are now out of a job. Are you happy now?

Honestly, did none of you ever go to school? Hopefully you learned more than the average Texas student, whose only post-graduate ability is taking TAKS tests.

* the calculated 30 cents a day savings will buy you enough more gas** to drive about 1.3 miles (in the GOP Dream Machine Chevy Tahoe, which gets 16 miles-per-gallon on a good day). That assumes today's average $3.62/gallon price.

** Everybody Knows(tm) you're not going to use your 30 cents to pay rent, or buy food. Maybe you'll put it in your savings account, where it'll earn 1 cent interest by the end of 2008.

By the way, did you see the report which said that Bush's Reading First plan (a $1B part of No Child Left Behind) has accomplished absolutely nothing? What a great (Republican) waste of my tax dollars.

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