Wednesday, May 14

Kentucky battles West Virginia for "Most Racist" Title

The upcoming Oregon and Kentucky primaries (next Tuesday) will tell which one is more racist than West Virginia - my money's on Kentucky, easily.

A long time ago, I lived in Kentucky and know that they are indeed racist .. the question is .. how much? They didn't appear to be more inbred than West Virginia, but we'll know next Tuesday night, after we see if The Clinton's new pro-Klan tactic* equates to votes.

Meanwhile, every time I see Hillary yelling at Her remaining supporters, I can't help but think that even Don Quixote would be laughing.

Oregon, beside having more electoral votes (52 v 51), is a far more sane place, and is expected to vote for Obama. Then, to wrap it all up, there's Puerto Rico (55 delegates) on June 1st, followed by Montana (16) and South Dakota (15) on June 3rd.

* targeting uneducated White [sic] voters

Update: Kentucky went Clinton by 35 points, while West Virginia went Clinton by 40 .. making West Virginia the Racist Capital of the Country .. by 5%. Kentucky vows to become more racist in the 2012 election, since they don't like to be second.

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