Thursday, May 8

Arianna in Plano

I'd never been to a book-signing before, so when I heard that legendary Arianna Huffington (of fame) was going to be in town, I decided it was High Time for me to cross another item from my personal bucket list. The event was sponsored by The North Dallas Democratic Women. Oddly, there were very few Republic Party members there, even though Plano is the epicenter of their North Texas lair.

Since she participated in an interview on KERA (90.1 in Dallas) on Tuesday, I already knew most of her talking points, and thus wasn't surprised when she stayed On Message during the lecture followed by Q&A.

Only one (acknowledged) Republic Party member was brave enough to approach the microphone and ask Arianna a question, and she ever-so-graciously gave him a copy of her book (Right Is Wrong) .. for him to examine his own rationale for supporting John McCain. As she explained, the primary target for this book are the 20% of the people "in the gap" between the die-hard Bushies (28%) and those who say they'll consider voting for McCain in November. She hopes the book erases all remaining doubt that McCain (2008 version) is a terrible choice (I've just started reading it, so please allow a few moments for me to analyze this epic).

Bonus: Arianna looked better in person than on TV! She mentioned that she'll be on Steven Colbert's little TV show tonight, so I suppose I should program the TiVo event, then plan to sit about one foot away (as close as I was during the autographing) and make that comparison. Too bad I don't have HD .. hmmm.

Note to Arianna: I hope your DFW-NYC flight was uneventful. Come back real soon?

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