Friday, August 19

another day in the life

woke up late (9). fetched the paper. showered. went to the DMN Spin-Doctoring session at the Eisemann Centre. arrived just after speaker started. aside: why bother announcing a start time of 9:30 if you really mean 9:55? saw an AdMobile truck - those oughta be banned before someone gets killed watching it flip ads. stopped at Albertsons (bought Diet Coke, pluots, cottage cheese). fed at Whataburger (BBQ samwich, rings) : mostly yucky. came home to unload groceries. message from Rich .. called him back .. weekly report's ready, okay to bring it by (he did). emailed a cousin, asked why lawyer won't return my calls: he doesn't know, suggests 3 other local attorneys (I'll call them Monday). emailed another group: the last signs are ready (178) to install. HayJax IMs if Beta will petsit Rambo, like last year (sure, whynot). went to Lowe's, bought 7 boxes of #6 screws for the signs. slowed down to 20mph through yet another school zone. stopped at Sears for a cordless screwdriver (it was on sale - woohoo) .. told the clerk [no] when he offered a 2-year warranty for $5 more. went home, noticed Robert's house really is for sale ($800K - yeah, right). plugged screwdriver into wall to charge it (9 hours for first charge, much less therafter?). email from a volunteer to install 33 of the 178 signs .. I accept. her family (she, husband, 2 sons) pick up signs .. the youngest meets Beta for first time, survived lickfest. decided to catch up on some TiVo (Over There on FX; 2 days of The Daily Show; Amazing Race reruns (I delete them after the first few minutes); 3 days of Tonight Show monologues; LinkTV's Mosaic)). Halfway through, briefly consider one of those $5 pizzas from Little Caesar's .. decide not to bother, drink some water instead. TiVo done. Time for sleeep.


stellalafayette said...

AdMobile....I see these all over downtown and uptown. WTF? They're burning fuel to tell us to watch the WB? Those trucks just drive around and burn fuel?? Is this a Bush-sponsored business?

TrshTwns01 said...

Hey - what IM do you use? What's yer sign? What's Jax's? Could I axe you another question?

Haven't seen you lately. Losing my mind in a very fast fashion. The two aren't related, but I thought you should know.