Saturday, August 13

the joys of Sherman

I was wandering along Sherman Street in Richardson tonight, and found two things of note:

One: Sarah Bakery & Restaurant had a lot of cars outside, which stood out in this faux-warehouse district. If you can believe the comments, their Middle Eastern Cuisine is tasty, but the guy who runs the cash register is rude and obnoxious. Perhaps he's the guy who used to own Goff's Burgers before they moved across Hillcrest from SMU?

Two: this is an easy way to get to Kirin Court (Richardson's dim sum Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor, southwest corner of Polk and Sherman - nearest freeway exit is 75-Central and Beltline).

Unrelated # sqrt(-1): In the "gotta git me one of them" department: The War on Terror T-shirt, Unix Geek Style. Priceless!

Unrelated # N/0: Yes, of course I updated the Sundry on Thursday blog. Do you think I'd leave you holding your breath?

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