Saturday, August 27

invaded by Californicans!

I was at a meeting at Dallas City Hall this morning, and decided to swoop into Half Price Books on the way home, looking for a paperback of one of Kinky's Mysteries (found one!). While there, I was amused to overhear a cellphone conversation from a guy saying
"yeah, I'm serious. I'd vote for him. (pause) So his name's Kinky .. so what?"
Very cool. I decided to celebrate and buy a book by Jesse Ventura (another unconventional .. who won the Minnesota governor's race).

Back in the car, I flipped on KXEB (AM 910), and heard about Protest Warrior (some freaks from the Radical Right) making their way to Crawford, Texas .. to show the world how Out Of Touch they are. Californians In Texas .. what's next? Locusts?

Unrelated #-1: different Californians coming to Texas: CNET tour: September 4 at the Frisco CompUSA. Nerd groupies! It might be worth a drive up there (to the Edge of the Universe) just to watch the "crowd".

Unrelated #-2: I finally got around to watching Salam Pax as the [Baghdad Blogger] (thanks, TiVo and LinkTV)

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