Wednesday, August 3

Zwillinge! (twins!)

Last night, it was off to the opening night of the Dallas Video Festival: Forgiving Dr. Mengele was showing at the Angelika.
... remarkable story of Auschwitz survivor and former Mengele twin Eva Mozes Kor and the transformation that led her to forgive her persecutor as an act of self-healing.
I'm not sure how long before (or if) this will make its way into the national independent theatres; few films attempt to deal with this dark subject. Without giving away the "plot" of this documentary, it would be hard to explain, but .. suffice it to say that there's more to this film than Eva Kor's opinions about forgiveness; it delves into a current day issue in the Middle East. It's an enormous lavendar elephant that few want to discuss; Eva Kor certainty doesn't.

Nosing around the web, I see two made-for-television movies: C.A.N.D.L.E.S.: The Story of the Mengele Twins (1990) and A&E Biography: Josef Mengele - Medical Madman of Auschwitz (1996) but nothing in wide release.

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