Monday, August 8

The Hawthorne Effect

I heard a news report that The Puppet's approval rating has reached yet another new low: 42% (38% think he's still doing a swell job with Iraq).
Can you say "Mission Accomplished"? Good; I knew you could.
The same news report mentioned that he's now reached almost 20% vacation time while in office - far out!

Unrelated: a couple days ago I was reading an item about Bumper Stickers (Frances Heussenstamm's 1971 study), and how they change people's opinions. Every time I see a [W] sticker on a vehicle, I try to move over a lane, since they're obviously ill-equipped to make good decisions about driving, either.

That item mentioned something about the "Hawthorne Effect" which I'd never heard of (did my grade school education fail me??). It got the name after a series of experiments at Western Electric Company's Hawthorne Plant in Chicago in 1927 (before Roger-Bob was born). Turns out this goes to the question of whether a subject will unconsciously modify her/his behavior if they know they're being watched. It's really an interesting study, with an outcome that I never would've predicted.

I wonder if The Puppet's Disapproval Rating is somehow due to His being watched? Hmmm.

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PS to William Bob: I guffawed heartily at Aside #33.333 .. Beta the Wonder Dog sniffed my person several times, to determine if I was all right.

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