Sunday, August 7

Click here, no .. there!

I'm sure it's just me, but whenever I encounter a website like Sheldrake Online where the majority of the hyperlinks say [Click here] I immediately brand the culprit a moron and move onto another site. I seldom - if ever - get past that Bad First Impression.

In my last job, I worked with a moron who thought [Click Here] was a good idea on web pages. What he couldn't seem to get into his birdlike brain was this scenario:

Teacher: Click where it says [Click Here].
Student: Which one? Eleven links say [Click Here]!
Teacher: Click the [Click Here] to the right of the phrase you want!
Student: Why not just make that phrase the place to click?
Teacher: Because [Click Here] just seemed to make sense.
Student: You're a moron.
Teacher: Perhaps. But I'm a moron with tenure.

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