Tuesday, August 9

Instant Gratification Delayed

My eye doc called around 9am and said they have to reschedule my test for next week; apparently one of the techs decided to take the week off. {sigh} I guess my near-glaucoma will just have to wait. So, I spent a bit of time scoping out Yet Another Possible Job Lead. It's just so much easier when you can go to A9 and type
ABC Company sucks
in a search index, to get Instant Gratification.

The other spellbinding event of the day happened after 5pm : Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday event. Tonight, I downloaded another 9 or so "Urgent" patches, each of which threatened doom, gloom and a ticket to The Dukes of Hazzard if I didn't install it.

Good for a laugh: Microsoft's new Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool which only allows you to patch a properly licensed system. I wonder how many PintoSeconds will be needed before a hackaround is posted?

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