Wednesday, August 17


I've been watching/reading the different views of the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, and continue to be baffled by the difference in population density. I'm not going to attempt repeating what's been written elsewhere (see Palestinian Technical Team: FAQ About Israel's Unilateral Disengagement if you're interested), but ...

depending on which numbers you use, it appears that the Israeli Jews in the Gaza Strip were living in some of the lowest population densities on Earth. No wonder they didn't want to move! It took significant searching for me to find a nearby area (Ellis County) with a similar low density:

Los Angeles CA           7,400/mi²
Gaza Strip/Arab 7,222/mi²
Plano TX 3,101/mi²
Lucas TX 345/mi²
Gaza Strip/Jew 162/mi²
Ellis County TX 118/mi²
Bottom line? The Gaza Strip Palestinians are living in a density similar to that of Los Angeles, while the Jews "across the street" were living in a density about half that of Lucas, Texas.

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