Friday, November 25

Chile: Texas' sister country?

The Texas "Lone Star" flag (left) was adopted in 1839, and the flag of Chile (right) was adopted in 1817 .. 24 years earlier.

For Texas, the colors represent loyalty (blue); purity (white), and bravery (red). The large white star was first used in the 1830s during the battles between Texas and Mexico.

For Chile, the colors represent the sky (blue), the snow in the Andes Mountains (white) and the blood shed during the revolution (red). The white star represents a guide to progress and honor.
Deep Thought #82: Texans eat Chili, but do Chileans eat Texaco?
Unrelated #7^3: Today is Jenna and NotJenna's 24th birthday. Rumor is it that Their Daddy (President Quagmire) drove them to the US Army Recruiter in Waco, so they could join the Air Force [sic], but the recruiter was closed for Thanksgiving.

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osodaddy said...

"Deep Thought #82: Texans eat Chili, but do Chileans eat Texaco"

We don't eat Texaco dear, we rather prefer Shell or Copec... ;-)

Greetings from ViƱa del Mar, Chile.