Saturday, November 12

the Joy that is OPML

Truly, OPML is a wonderful thing. That's the meta-file that allows you to import/export your RSS feeds to different readers. Today, I used it to try Microsoft Live (in beta) so I can compare it to Bloglines which I've used for over a year.

Naturally, before you can use the Microsoft product, you have to give Microsoft Passport your age, IQ, Social Security number, and the type of tree you'd like to be when you grow up. Once past all that nonsense, in Microsoft Live you get something vaguely reminiscent of the other portals - perhaps a bit more spartan, which is a Good Thing (most portals are much too busy for my taste).

What's the advantage? Portability, of course .. I can check my RSS feeds from any Internet connection, and that is Goodness. The downside? There's no way to synch your status; reading items with Bloglines won't automagically mark them as read in SharpReader, for example. I don't know how to solve that problem; we should leave all that Really Hard Stuff up to the nice people at Google, right?

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