Wednesday, November 2

a ship of fools

Am I really living in The Land Of Idiots?

I see where Tom DeLay continues to stack the deck in his favor, for his upcoming (Real Soon Now) money-laundering trial. The Hammer™ didn't like the judge (who donated money to the opposition), so the Democratic judge was dismissed.

Next, DeLay wants to move the trial from Austin (which he refers to as "the Last Democratic Stronghold in Texas") to anywhere else, preferably a county where the judge donated large sums to the Regressives Republicans. Or, anywhere he can get a Stepford Jury (of Texas-educated white men named Bubba) to let him off the hook.

And then there's the report that says Texans are donating huge amounts of money to the "Please Let Tom Do Anything He Wants Including Murder If That'll Keep The Gays Out Of My Bathroom" fund. Also known as the Tom DeLay Criminal Defense Fund.

Tell me there's intelligent life somewhere in this state.
Thursday update:

In a copyrighted story, the Houston Chronicle explains "Another DeLay judge out"

Basically, it says the prosecutor now wants the Republican judge -- who would pick the replacement -- thrown out (as if it couldn't get weirder).

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