Friday, November 18

Gene Bob's Weight Loss Plan

I hesitate to call it a "diet" since no food is involved. Yes, it's indeed possible to lose 6 pounds in a single day, all by following the steps I took Wednesday night:

1 - get a stomach virus (best guess)
2 - vomit multiple times (more than 12)
3 - any food entering via mouth shall be summarily ejected by reverse route

It works! After spending some Quality Time with The Great White Porcelain God, I'm now several pounds lighter. Let's see, if I repeat the procedure for one year, I can lose 6*365 = 2,190 pounds. Bring It On!!

Yeah, yeah .. I'm (mostly) All Better Now (throat's a bit raspy from all the churning) .. mild headache remains. And yes .. I updated the Sundry on Thursday blog, for all its legion of fans.

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