Monday, November 7

get out the vote HATE campaign

Governor PrettyHair's group is working the phones today; by noon, I've received four calls asking me to vote for the pro-Hate State Proposition 2 (not to be confused with the City Proposition 2), which seeks to make only female-male marriages legal in the eyes of the Texas Constitution. Will anyone be surprised when an Activist TaliBaptist sues to make Domestic Partner healthcare contracts illegal?
8 Nov update: no surprise .. 76% of Texans (66% of Dallas residents) voted pro-Hate, so it's now mandatory to legally discriminate against everyone who's gay. Let the lawsuits begin!

Unrelated: the proud, white voters of White Settlement, Texas voted not to change the town's name to West Settlement. And without the public support of the KKK, too.
I'll bet Tom DeLay has something to do with the phone survey, along with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison ("perjury's still a crime? really??") and Congressman Pete $e$$ion$ ("I never met a contributor I wouldn't take money from, then pay lip service to").

(although it was an automated droid) I asked them why Governor PrettyHair wasn't marching alongside the KKK (another supporter of His proposition) and they said He wasn't affiliated with them (publicly, at least). I then asked them if they're calling on behalf of the Christian Fascist Republican Party (CFRP is apparently the new name for the GOP). The beginning of the message says it's coming from a survey company (in the 571 areacode, so says CallerID), but it's patently obvious from the wording of the questions that they're bankrolled by the CRP.
6pm update: the automated survey droid called back; it asks ...

do you favor State Proposition 2?
would you re-elect your Texas congressman? (Tony Goolsby)
do you consider yourself a Regressive Republican?
do you consider yourself a Baby Eater Democrat?
do you favor a school voucher program?
are your property taxes too high?
should property tax appraisals be capped?
is Ronnie Earle playing politics with Tom DeLay's indictment?

and then it closes with "This survey was authorized and paid for by the Republican Party of Texas."

As if that was a surprise.

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