Monday, November 21

records are meant to be broken

I thought I'd have an entire theatre to myself, but one other person stopped in for the early screening of Paradise Now (2005) today. I'm not surprised that the theatre wasn't packed; the plot concerns the motivation of Palestinian suicide bombers (Fox "News" spins this to "homicide bombers") and all but about a dozen words are spoken in Arabic (i.e. heavily subtitled). This film was full of no-name actors, excepting Lubna Azabal who has more than a dozen films to her credit.

Last week (the same day I got sick) I took in the early screening of North Country (2005) (starring Charlize Theron). Charlize is not as memorable as her role in Monster (2003) but she still turned in a very credible performance and could be an Emmy nominee for her role as Josey Aimes.

Two movies in five days. Hardly a record.

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