Saturday, November 5

look in the mirror, jackass

I had to laugh when I wandered across an update to the story about today's KKK rally in Austin, supporting Proposition 2 (the so-called "Hate Thy Brother Proposition"):
KKK To Rally Saturday In Support Of Gay Marriage Ban
The line that made me (first) laugh, then shake my head, was this:
"Pastor Ryan Rush of Bannockburn Baptist Church says a group that would come in that is characterized as hateful and bigoted is not welcome in Austin."
I guess it just baffles me that so many small-minded religious zealots can't see themselves in the mirror. Surely these morons know that gay marriage was banned by Governor Pretty Hair a few years ago (the Texas Defense of Marriage Act). I don't know anyone who expects the Amendment to fail; there are far too many churches (like Bannockburn TaliBaptist) where the Imam Preacher has ordered the congregation to vote "yes" or they'll all Roast In Hell come Wednesday morning. Never mind they (a) probably never met an openly gay person; (b) don't understand the legal ramifications of denying rights to someone; and (c) couldn't give a Tinker's Dam about "Love Thy Neighbor". After all (to The State) marriage isn't much more than a civil contract, so this will just give those activist (code word meaning "someone who doesn't share my opinion") Texas lawyers something to do for the next decade.

I suspect the only real suspense will be the margin of "victory" for the KKK and the TaliBaptists (and their ilk). Surely, they'll be high-fiving each other Tuesday night, having made the world safer for their children (who will have learned a valuable lesson in religious bigotry).
Deep Thought #77: WWLBJD? *

* What Would LBJ Do?

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