Thursday, March 2

fine dining at 32,000 feet

The training didn't end at 4pm as planned; it was still going when I left at 5:15 (to ensure I was on the last flight of the day - 6:45pm, arriving at midnight). Not only did I not have time to refuel the car (opting for $5/gallon Budget Rent-a-car gas) but there wasn't time to grab a bite, either. The only food I'd had all day was a rushed sandwich with Scott .. just off the Santa Clara campus.

So, I found myself high above Las Vegas (about 10pm), looking at my $4 "snack box" contents (distributed by Oakfield Farms*):
  1. Ocean Spray's strawberry-flavored craisins (0.9 oz - 90 calories)
  2. Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish (0.75 oz - 100 cals)
  3. O'Briens beef summer sausage (1.125 oz - ? cals)
  4. Jacob's Cream Crackers (0.56 oz - ? cals)
  5. Oakfield Farms' Le Petit Fromage (faux cheese) (0.75 oz - ? cals)
  6. Emerald mixed nuts (1 oz - 170 cals)
  7. Nabisco Lorna Doone cookies (1 oz - 140 cals)
It's interesting (?) to see how the snAack pAack has evolved (see yesterday's blog) compared with Nathalie Bouffe's blog in January .. she only paid $3 for her DelicAacy In The Aair.
* Harvey Alpert & Company (d/b/a Oakfield Farms) isn't much of a farm; their HQ appears to be either near DFW Airport in Grapevine, TX or about a mile south of the UCLA campus .. not exactly rural.
Unrelated: Mary (looking rested, as she starts her new job) and I feasted on Free Range Salmon at California Café (Los Gatos) Tuesday night. Sadly, Tiki wasn't allowed inside.

BTW, yes .. I updated Sundry on Thursday .. have a crack at it?

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