Tuesday, March 7


One of the joys of living in Dallas is dealing with allergies.
"I didn't used to have them until I moved here"
is a common overhearance. Yesterday, I woke to a massive headache (pretty rare for me). A couple hours later, I was driving the big, white porcelain bus* and not much of a happy camper. I've never been tested for allergies; I suspect most people are allergic to something.

One of my former co-workers is allergic to everything but water and noodles; go figure. Eventually, the meds (Tylenol) kicked in and I was able to function like a normal Human (more or less) and today's not nearly as bad. I don't normally stock allergy medicine; in the past the OTC stuff I've bought has expired before I used more than one or two tablets. Guess I should see an allergist; I'm curious what they'll tell me.
* vomiting

Unrelated: I was at a meeting last night at someone's home, and the phone rang 3 times in one hour. Each time it was the Republican Dialing Machine, whose sole purpose in life is to annoy The Living Shi'ite out of us. I stopped counting when I got more than 2 dozen calls in 3 days. The subject swiveled to Rick Perry (a/k/a Governor PrettyHair) and I was shocked to hear the three others agree that he's a mental vacuum. Two of us (at least) are planning to sit out today's primary election, so that we can sign Kinky Friedman's petition. The only word that comes to mind: WOW.


Anonymous said...

Yes, allergies showing up when you move to the Metroplex is common - it happened to me.


Jill said...

Ah .... that would explain why I'm sneezing my fool head off more than usual. Sheesh. Spent what seemed like half the night with a scratchy throat because of all the drainage. Yuck.

Glad you're feeling better!

William Bob said...

I, too, am saving myself for Kinky.