Sunday, March 5

the sound of silence

so far, the phone's rang twice today. the first was yet-another political call, imploring me to vote on Tuesday in the Republican primary. I told them I was "saving myself for Kinky" and the (apparently out of state) caller was perplexed. rather than educate him, I simply hung up.

the 2nd call was from Judy-Bob, reminding me of the Oscars tonight. she called as I was in the midst of doing a cursory sort of my 2005 paperwork; what does my CPA want to see? what other pieces of paper can I not live without? what do I want to throw away - and does it have my social or any current account information (if so, shred it). easily 90% of my 2005 paperwork is now in the recycle bin.

the sheer amount of paper here at home is starting to overwhelm me. it's time for spring cleaning, and I'm hoping the recycler gets the bulk of it. since I made a pact with myself (years ago) to aspire to a minimalist lifestyle, I've grown accustomed to mostly barren walls, and the intentional absence of curios here, there and everywhere. I suspect the scientific word for this is Crap .. I'd prefer it all just go away.

honestly, most people wouldn't even notice this. I've seen the inside of others' homes, and mine looks like the Sahara Desert in comparison. but, it's annoying me so it has to be pared down. quickly.

now, i sat down in front of the LCD and read some more of Nathalie's blog. in one entry, she simply noted the sounds heard on the train platform. this led me to sit back and think of the sounds I'm hearing on a Sunday afternoon-evening:

1- a clock ticking
2- my flip-flap
3- the fans inside the computers
4- Maxtor Shared Storage - it makes a unique sound prior to the hard disc spinning up
5- an occasional car on the street
6- the ceiling fan (if I listen carefully)
7- my fingers pressing the keys to create this blog entry

yes, it's quiet here. there's no sound of weather, or birds .. their chirps aren't enough to penetrate the house exterior (although the cars with their basslike exhausts sometimes do). the cats are asleep. and that's about it. the sounds of silence.

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