Monday, March 27

signal avoidance

Last August, I blogged about an otherwise routine trip to my ophthalmologist where he suspected I have glaucoma. Turns out that's mitigated by the thickness of our corneas .. if it's thick, the pressure on the eye can be discounted. So, when this was rechecked last week, the extra measurements led him to put me in the "monitor" category, rather than the "Seeing Eye® dog" category. The nurse took the readings, and called out "602" for my left eye and "603" for my right. I don't know if that's a measure of hectares/fortnight or liters/estrangement. Heck, it could even be an areacode for Arizona.

It's a good thing I'm not totally blind yet; it would've been hard to determine if I could drive the 4 miles to work without encountering any traffic signals. Other than those red/yellow/green things, my only obstacle to work are the three (3) School Zones en route. I could get to The Old Office without any traffic signals, by taking an indirect route, and crossing one 6-lane highway (after looking both ways and then flooring it). After consulting a map, and given my knowledge of the streets, I tested my theory on a journey from home to The New Office .. and failed:

 milestraffic signals
avoid signals71
don't avoid47
Try as I might, there's one traffic light (into a gated community) that I couldn't avoid, but my guess is I'd be stopped by it only when someone leaving that area trips the light.

Unrelated #-0, but worth a laugh: The Straight Dope: Is astrology for real?

Unrelated #P: It seems the Dallas Convention Bureau is coming out against the TABC's latest tactic (arresting anyone who's drunk in a bar). It seems several major conventions have threatened to cancel .. which would cost Dallas BILLIONS in lost revenue. Anyone want to guess which side's gonna win this fight? (Heck, I didn't even know that the Dick Cheney Fan Club was coming to town ...)

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