Thursday, March 16

when a Supreme Court Justice sh-ts in the woods, will anyone hear it?

Okay, so Georgetown University isn't exactly "in the woods," but ...

Did former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor choose a forum where only one reporter was present, to hide from Tom DeLay and the other members of the CFRP?

After reading an editorial in the Houston Chronicle ("Judicious temperament") I decided to track down the original article. Turns out it was a radio piece by NPR's Nina Totenberg entitled O'Connor Decries Republican Attacks on Courts (3:18) Good listening, IMHO.

Related: in case you missed The Memo, DeLay's (obviously moron) constituents elected him as their party primary's candidate, to go onto another term. It's a given that he'll handily beat any Democratic challenger in November. I guess DeLay now knows that he can break any law and the good ole boys of his district will send him back to Washington (perhaps in shackles) for another term.

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