Saturday, March 25

on the road to Wichita

I have no immediate travel plans, but I'm amused by the latest airfare wars. American's trying to make Southwest's life miserable, but only until they buy enough US Senators to make sure the Wright Amendment isn't repealed .. then it's back to Business As Usual.

Case in point: you can drive the 200 miles from Kansas City to Wichita in about 3 hours. Is it worth it to save $120? What about $400?

(thanks to Yahoo! Maps)
from Dallas to ...milesdrive timeairfare (sale)airfare (regular)via Greyhound
Wichita3635:45$199$637$69 ($120 RT)
Kansas City5007:30$79$229$85 ($147 RT)

No, this isn't scientific, but I did try to to compare apples:apples (depart Thursday, return Tuesday, etc). It's a sample of some trips from Dallas to points north. And yes, you're reading this correctly. There's a $120 penalty for having a shorter flight, if you use American Airlines' latest fares from Dallas Love Field (where they're trying to compete with Southwest Airlines).

For what it's worth, American wants $656 for a trip from Dallas to Frankfurt (Germany, not Kentucky). Via New York and London. Yes, 2 stops. Just the way Southwest would do it.

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