Saturday, March 11

memories of Amber ...

I wonder if I'll ever look back on this day, and find myself missing Amber?

Amber was the automated voice I'd talk to when I called Virgin Mobile for support. She and I developed a bond over the past 20 months or so, when I began using their prepaid service. I'll miss Topping Up (buying more minutes). I'll miss my ringtong ("Itchycoo Park" by The Small Faces).

When it's closed, the Motorola V325 is a bit smaller than the Kyocera KE433 (Rave 7), but the time is always visible, so that's a plus. Why bother carrying a watch?

However, it's a clamshell design, so when it's open, the Motorola's larger. The connector is the same mini-USB that the Razr uses, so potentially there's a way to backup the V325's Address Book (unlike the Kyocera). It's also color, and yes .. it has a camera and a speakerphone and other toys the Kyocera lacked. I tried to find my former ringtone, but Verizon Wireless never heard of The Small Faces, or even Alpha Blondy for that matter. I guess I'll have to find another obscure ringtone to differentiate my ring from everyone else in the room.

The thing I may miss most about my old friend? The Flashlight:
This was surprisingly handy, when trying to fit my housekey into the door at 3am. Maybe The Glow from my new phone will be sufficient? If not, I'll just buy one of those keys with a built-in flashlight (available at Ace Hardware, among other places).

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