Thursday, July 13

Inbred: Bush, Cheney, and the Hummers

The article In Politics, Some Ties Are by Blood shows that President Quagmire and Dick "Shotgun" Cheney are relatives. Fascinating.

Speaking of inbred, I find it amusing that the [$125,000+] 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha now has a 51.5 gallon fuel capacity (range=570 miles). At today's prices, that means the H1 takes over $150 to fill the tank. If the Israel-Hizb'Allah War continues for long, and gas goes to $4/gallon, I wonder how many of these will be prowling the streets?

Worth mentioning: the H1 has been all but discontinued, apparently. The H2 (range=290 miles) and H3 (range=460 miles) models live on. Worth a look: The Green Hummer Project.

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William Bob said...

Sadly, at today's prices my truck would take $120 to fill from empty.

The truth is that many large SUVs and trucks have tanks at or near 40 gallons.

It's also true that replacing my gas guzzler isn't cost effective. :-(