Sunday, July 16

Whatever happened to Jerrold Ladd, the writer?

I spent part of the weekend reading, finishing one book: Jerrold Ladd's Out of the Madness: From the Projects to a Life of Hope, published in 1996. It appears to have been published - at least in part - as a series of magazine articles prior to that.

I then searched for his next book, and found .. nothing. So, whatever happened to Jerrold Ladd?

I searched the local white newspaper - the Dallas Morning News - Ladd was an intern there in the early 1990s, but his last byline is from March 1992, over a year before I arrived here.

Likewise, I can find no mention of him in the local black newspaper - The Dallas Examiner, although their website lacks a search engine, so .. anything's possible.

There's no record of Jerrold owning property, but there is a pointer to him in the phone book, so he's still in Dallas (although there are five people listed at his address, near I-35E/Illinois in south Dallas, about 1 mile north of the IHOP).

So, why did Jerrold (apparently) give up writing after his book was published? Perhaps someone from the Dallas Observer (the local free newspaper) or Michael Davis' Dallas Progress blog will read this, and do an article in the "Where Is He Now?" tradition!

Anyway, I'm off to read the next Book In The Pile: White Metropolis, which I bought from the author earlier this month.


William Bob said...


For years you've been telling us the Dallas Morning News is the local yellow newspaper and now you're telling us it's white?

Which is it, Mr. Kerry?

Anonymous said...

Did you receive any new info regarding what Jerrold Ladd is doing currently?

One can only hope he is tearing down walls and building up men.

Gene said...

I never heard anything more, no.

Kenneth said...

If need be I can tell you, but I need to know the reason why you want to contact him. I am his first cousin.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

he is alive and well, he just scammed me out of money on facebook!! Also other people, he must be some type of drug addict or something!

Unknown said...

Actually, I just ran into him today. He has had a few set backs, but is trying to get his focus back. Well spoken and mannered, I look forward to soaking wirth him again in the future.

Anonymous said...

He is currently on Facebook under the name Starr Child.