Thursday, July 20

(paint)brush with greatness

It's not often that I spot an old friend (longevity, not years) on national television. I was watching a few weeks old episode of Queer Eye with the Straight Guy, and who do I see but a high school chum: Marty! I paused my TiVo, played it back - yep, it's her (but only for about two seconds).

Gotta love any woman who knows about the Takilma hippie commune (southwest Oregon).

After living in Ahrland [Ireland] for a few years, Marty's now a gallerist*, and runs the Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas - just a few blocks west of The Strip.
Gallerist: (n) "A fashionable new word bubbling up in the New York art scene: gallerist, as a substitute for art dealer. Not, of course, just any art dealer. A gallerist is directly involved with the care and feeding of artists, rather than with the quick turnover of art objects."
- New York Times 2005
Unrelated #0: A few months ago, I blogged about the RhinoSkin case for my PDA. Last night, it came in handy as I dropped my PDA onto the concrete garage floor (not recommended). I was afraid to even open the cover for fear of seeing glass shards where the display had been. No such luck: the RhinoSkin kept everything intact, and all is well with the world.

Unrelated #eleventeen: Had dinner with HayJax, Tim-Bob, Jill-Bob and Brian-Bob last night at Two Rows Classic Grill in Allen. It's basically a big, smoky, noisy bar .. for those of you who are into that sort of thing. I played it safe and ordered the fryde catfeesh, which was edible.


Jill said...

The BAR part of Two Rows is noisy, not very large, and usually not all that smokey for a bar. The RESTAURANT part isn't noisy (unless you happen to be sitting right next to the bar) or smokey, although it is large.

Gene said...

I have the same feeling about smoke, that you have about pickles. I don't want them anywhere I can be downwind. To me, ALL of Two Rows/Allen is a big, smoky bar. Blech.