Monday, July 31

Hell-o, Costco!

My Sam's Club membership came up for renewal today, so I decided it was time to make the switch to Costco, so I did. Here's the result:

On the surface, you might think I've lost my mind, since the two Costco locations (in Plano) are about 10 miles away, while the nearest Sam's Club locations are only half as far. But, I decided many months ago that it was time to cut the cord to Wal-Mart, which donates way too much to the Bush Regime. Now, (due to the distance) I'll simply plan my Warehouse Shopping Experiences more carefully .. no more impulse trips.

It's also pretty well documented that Costco pays its employees better, and is considered a much better place to work. I've strolled through their warehouses before and the product mix is similar (well, okay, Costco has more organics, far fewer unhealthy foods .. stuff I couldn't find at Sam's Club) so .. I made the switch.

I already did that with my gasoline purchases, when I started buying only Shell products (they also contribute too much to the Bush Regime, but it's much more equal than the others). See for details, if you're curious.

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