Wednesday, July 19

Stupidity in the White House

Deep Thought: the important things in life aren't covered in the TAKS [Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills] test. If anyone ever graduates not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're" they should not receive a diploma.

Speaking of the Biggest Morons of All Time, this News Flash just landed in my inbox:
"In the first veto of his presidency, President Bush has vetoed the ESC [Embryonic Stem Cell] bill", which would've allowed for federal funds to go to ESC research.
This just goes to show what an FTE [FunFilt Texas Edjacation] will do for you. The Moron doesn't understand what an ESC is (i.e. can't distinguish between that and a fetus) so he condemns millions of Americans who could benefit from such research to their deaths. Just bloody brilliant.

20 July update: I checked the Official G8 Website and it doesn't include the lead story by the American MSM .. namely that President Quagmire said The S-word to His Pet Dog, Blair. Fascinating.


William Bob said...

It's not that W can't tell the difference between an embryonic stem cell and a fetus, it's that he believes (as a matter of religious faith) that there is no difference between the embryos which supply those stem cells and a fetus.

To support his belief he was accompanied by children who were born because an "extra" embryo produced at a fertility clinic was implanted into a mother other than the one for whom they were produced. These are the same extra embryos that researchers wish to tap for stem cells.

The President believes, along with the Roman Catholic Church and the Southern Baptists, that life begins at conception and that intentionally destroying that life, not matter how it was conceived, is wrong -- even to do research that might eventually lead to life-saving treatments.

So the President is not being stupid in failing to make the distinction you wish him to make. He is being consistent with his religious faith and attacking him for being stupid in this instance is not fair.

Indeed, this is a critical ethical issue that has deep implications for our society, not just in this case, but in other related cases involving the value of life in general and in the comparative value of one life versus another. Think death penalty, euthenasia, cloning, and (forced) organ donation.

In summary, you may reasonably disagree with the President on this issue, but his position is neither based on stupidity nor proof of his stupidity.

Gene said...

Minor tweak, then:

I think he's being consistently stupid.