Saturday, July 22

those 4 little letters every girl wants to hear

Trish-Bob and I rendezvoused at Escapé (an Internet cafe+bakery in Plano) last night after I taunted her with an IM: "boba".

Rumor has it that Trish lept out of her PJs into something fashionable (leopard?) and sprinted out the back door .. and I still beat her there by a minute or two (the traffic lights know when I'm coming).

Escapé was out of lychee (although the adjoining grocery had a fresh basket of them), so I opted for a MANGO boba -- "easy on the pearl" -- which was waaay refreshing. Great way to end the week, eh?

I thought seriously about a white bean pastry, but ended up with one of those weird corn pastries instead (fresh corn baked in, on top).
Deep thought: I wonder what my Mifipi relatives would think of this kind of corn bread?
This northeast corner of Coit/Park has an interesting mix of Asian food-related stores, interconnected (not obvious from the street): Shabu Shabu restaurant; May Hua grocery; Emma Bakery; Joy Luck BBQ (freshly baked ducks - with heads intact - hanging in the window); a Korean food court; Escapé (a Lollicup boba franchise). And oh yes, a gift shop, which had a few of the new Hidamari No Tami solar-powered people. Too bad I already have one, from Bonane (next to Korea House restaurant on Harry Hines/Royal).


William Bob said...

Now I *know* you're upset with me for my earlier comments -- I live two skips and a jump from Coit and Park and you didn't stop in to see me! :`-(

Gene said...

ah, that what I love about paranoid people: they're paranoid all the time!

I'm surprised you weren't hangin' wit your peeps at Escapé, although you don't fit the stereotype of the ultrathin 18-year old Asian female.

-Gene Bob

PS: the fact that you don't agree with everything I say simply confirms you're not my clone. No more, no less.