Saturday, July 8

you can never have enough abbreviations

What kind of PC do you have? Did the officer have PC? That's a very PC thing to say. She's a member of the PC party. Did you have PC with the windshield? Who's the PC for Trinity? Join the PC!
PC  Packet Classifier
PC Peace Corps
PC Percent / Percentage
PC Personal Computer
PC Physical Contact
PC Piece of Crap
PC Player Character (see NPC)
PC Politically Correct
PC Post Card
PC Post Cibum (after meals)
PC Primary Center
PC Printed Circuit
PC Privileged Character
PC Privy Council
PC Probable Cause
PC Production Control
PC Program Counter
PC Progressive Conservative (Canada)
PC Project Coordinator
Who's designing the DAC for DAC? Have you flown into DAC before? Who has DAC for the DAC?
DAC  Data Authentication Code (FIPS 113)
DAC Design Automation Conference (CAO)
DAC Dhaka, Bangladesh
DAC Digital-Analog Converter
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DAC Douglas Aircraft Corporation
DAC Dual Attachment Concentrator (FDDI)

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