Monday, February 16


Lemme get this straight: ARMA used to mean Association of Records Managers and Administrators but their board met and decided it means Association for Information Management Professionals. Hmm .. was AIMP already taken? Answer: yes - it is the Association of Independent Music Publishers (among others, probably, but that's who owns the web site).

I've used the same CPA (certified public accountant) for many years, so I thought I'd check the Yahoo! Finance Tax Center to see if they are listed. Well, no .. for 2 reasons: 1) they are not one of the Sponsored Links (the first list which appears includes those who paid to have their listings appear first) and 2) because there are more than 200 CPAs who are nearer my home! My CPA is about 5 miles away, and the Yahoo! "Find an Accountant" list stopped after the first 200 (within 2.2 miles of home). Yee-haa .. that accounts [sic] for a lot of sharp pencils.

Project Life Saver is based in Chesapeake Virginia, and has something to do with accounting for Alzheimer's patients, but nothing to do with accounting for nutrition as does Precise™ premium pet food for dogs & cats. It also has nothing to do with the Sex Offender Database at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Deep thought #25: monitoring could be a fulltime job.

Today's temp: 36-61F. Woo hoo.