Saturday, February 7

The Great Campout

only one more hour, and The Great Campout will be over. Starting at 0845 Thursday, I've had some contractors working to refinish the wood floors in my home. Good news: wood floors only cover 3 rooms. Bad news: those 3 rooms are in the middle, so while the contractors are working, I am cut off from the other side. So, the pets and I obediently camp on this side, waiting.

the salesman told me there would be dust everywhere, and they actually did a good job containing it to the 3 rooms. having said that, the stuff in those rooms was susceptible to a very fine sawdust bath. one of my clocks now refuses to move the second hand; a ceiling light in between the two rooms now refuses to light; and my shiny, sparkly thing (hanging from the ceiling) is now covered in a fine layer of wood atoms.

day 1: move the furniture; vacuum; strip old wood surface; apply crack filler as needed; sand (and sand and sand ...)

day 2: apply desired resin coating (I chose "neutral" so as to bring out the natural wood, rather than hide it); apply first of 3 layers of sealer

day 3: apply layers 2 and 3 of sealer. contractor says it'll be dry by 3pm, but is vague about when I can start moving furniture back into place.

day 4 (Monday): cleanup (not sure what that entails - yet)

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