Friday, February 20

Friday Five

When was the last time you...

...went to the doctor?
I went to the Medical City emergency room a few years ago when I had a throat infection. I don't have a regular, family doctor (not sure if my PPO even covers such a thing).
Deep Thought #26: Medical City is where those Egyptian twins were separated; if I ever decide to separate from my evil twin ("Lucky"), that's where I will go.
...went to the dentist?
Last month. I go for a routine cleaning about 3 times a year (I could probably go less often if I bothered to floss).

...filled your gas tank?
A few weeks ago, I think. I need to refill it this morning; maybe I'll do that at the car wash. enough sleep?
I get enough sleep every day, but on a weird schedule (a few hours here, a few hours there).

...backed up your computer?
A few weeks ago. Guess I should do that now, huh? I'll put the UD Agent in snooze and do that. Thanks for the reminder!