Sunday, February 15

The Big Melt (and we're not talking tuna)

I heard the official snowfall in the Metroplex was anywhere from 3-6 inches, but you wouldn't know it today. Most all the snow (except in shady areas) has now melted, and it's predicted to be near 70F by the end of the week. Sayonara, Frosty.

Witness ye a 17th Century Blogger: The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Are You Ready to Love Blogging? discusses Microsoft employee's public weblogs (I gotta wonder if someone inside the company is in charge of monitoring these, to make sure The Proper Message is delivered). Can you say "spin doctor"? Good; I knew you could.

After reading about this anti-Valentine's site, I tried to check out but I could not; they have exceeded their bandwidth quota. Oh well .. maybe next month.

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