Saturday, February 14

the snow is falling!!! (part 18)

I woke at 6am to find an inch or two of heavy, wet snow outside .. by then the newspaper was already covered. At 7:30a I got my first call, from a neighbor who asked if my electricity was out (nope, sorry). Another call from a neighbor at about 10:30a asking if I knew when the power would be restored (she said she tried calling TXU but only got a recording saying all circuits are busy). I am surprised that TXU Energy didn't update their website, giving an update on the power outages happening across the area. Then again, I suspect they're working to restore power, rather than updating a website for those of us who still have power. Hmm.

I went to the backyard and noticed that the snow was weighing down the limbs which normally are far above the power lines stretching from the alley to my home. So, I went inside and got the telescoping pole I use for installing indoor floodlights, and took it outside to knock some of the snow from the branches, before it had a chance to fall on the power wires and leave me in the dark.

Then, I grabbed my camera and took several photos, so I can remember Valentine's Day 2004 in Dallas. FWIW, yesterday's high-low was 27-39F.

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